Creatine pure 100% – 500 gr / Trec

Body Attack 100% Pure Creatine Powder is a micro-fine Creatine Monohydrate powder without additives and dissolves very well in fruit juice or water.
The Creatine contained in the 100% Pure Creatine Powder has the property of increasing physical performance in speed and power training as part of a brief and intense workout.
Therefore, Creatine supplements like 100% Pure Creatine Powder are now one of the most popular dietary supplements in performance and leisure sports. In particular, strength athletes can benefit from Creatine supplementation.

The 100% Pure Creatine Powder should be preferably consumed prior to the short and intense physical strain during speed and power training. Daily consumption of 3 g of Creatine Monohydrate is recommended.

The Body Attack 100% Pure Creatine Powder is actually a product of the Cologne List. The List informs competitive athletes on effective dietary supplements with minimised doping risk, so that they can choose only the best-quality, cleanest and foremost manufacturers from the plethora available.

Tip: In combination with a protein such as Extreme Whey Deluxe or Power Protein 90 before or after strength training for muscle growth and maintenance.

On the other hand, plant-based foods contain only small amounts of Creatine, which is why the body is increasingly dependent on its own production in a low-meat diet. In case of insufficient Creatine uptake of less than 3 grams, Creatine supplements can help dealing with the rapid and intense short-term stresses during exercise.
People on low-meat nutrition can take the Body Attack 100% Pure Creatine Powder to increase the physical performance increase in plyometrics as part of brief and intense workout.

Which products can Body Attack 100% Pure Creatine Powder be combined with best?

  • With Body Attack Magnesium Shots, a mineral that can support normal protein synthesis and muscle function.
  • With Body Attack MEGA CLA, an essential fatty acid, which is preferred by bodybuilders on a power diet.
  • Body Attack Power Weight Gainer, a carbohydrate / protein mixture with about 500 kilocalories per shake, which can be useful for muscle growth and maintenance.

RECOMMENDATION: take 3 g Creatine (1 1/2 measuring spoons) daily with carbohydrate-containing liquid (fruit juice spritzer) and preferably before training. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

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