About us

We established Azarm Supplements Company in July 2018, and thanks to Dr. Abbasi and Dr. Hekmatpanah, we were able to meet the high need of people in Nietzsche market and grow well in this market.
Initially serving the market in Esfahan, and since 2020, Tehran and other major cities, including Tabriz, Mashahd, and Shiraz, our company developed a robust network of trades with major pharmacies, gyms, and online stores. Our company specializes in athletic and sports-related over-the-counter supplements and other nutrition products. It also imports directly, and also through its agents, such products and after the legally required repackaging or labeling, wholesales them in the market.
Our company has accomplished all set targets and currently employs more than 12 fulltime employees in addition to a wide network of marketers and salespeople who are renumerated on a commission basis. Further, the production plant is estimated to create another 20 jobs.

Azarm Supplements Canada Inc. was incorporated in British Columbia on August 24, 2021, under corporate number BC1321193. It is located at 4170 Still Creek Drive, Suite 200, Burnaby BC, V5C 6C6.
Azarm Supplements Canada Inc. is a shared capital entity, and has issued 1,000 common shares, out of which, the Parent Company owns 800 shares, and the remaining 200 shares belong to Dr. Abbasi.
The Subsidiary is run and directed by Dr. Abbasi; however, the Parent Company retains the ultimate decision-making and supervision power over the Subsidiary, through its voting power, written arrangements, and financial means.


The successful and rapid growth of our company along with some trade barriers imposed by the US sanctions, has encouraged us to plan for further growth by expanding our business to Canada. As such, upon completion of their market research and analysis, we have made the necessary arrangement and adopted the required budget, estimated to be $250,000.
The Parent Company has identified several strategies for its expansion to the Canadian market. Its main plan is to export the products that are readily available in the Canadian market to the Middle-East, where demand for such products is high. One serious barrier that impedes their plan to import high-end products into Iran and neighbouring countries is the US sanctions. Through a Canadian based organization, the Parent Company shall be able to grow its business and import the high-end products not otherwise available in Iran and the Middle-East markets.
Relying and leveraging its experience, expertise and financial backups, the Parent Company has adopted a resolution on August 16, 2021 mandating Dr. Abbasi to spearhead the Canadian operations. Accordingly, the necessary arrangements have been done and the Subsidiary has been incorporated under the name of “Azarm Supplements Canada Inc.”